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Nov 4, 2012 11:30am EST
things gone otherwise, it would have had enormous political consequences. >> it would be jimmy carter. >> like jimmy carter right. harv harv harvey wienstein, we're seeing more and more films that take on current events, almost in real time. the interest level again, i suppose is self-evident, but why do we see it without the benefit of time lag? >> i think the technology is instant and yus, there are video cameras that can make it instantaneos, so you can do it in record time and this movie was done that way and a lot of it is the use of video cameras for a lot of scenes. we can process it instantly. >> john, originally some reporting that you had video from mitt romney part of the film. why was that no longer part of the film in the end? >> there was an attempt to give context to the president's decision and obviously not just mitt romney but hillary clinton and joe biden and many others said long before the mission that they thought it would be mistake to go into our central ally on the war of terror unannounced and barack obama said he would do it. there was mitt romney news foota
Nov 10, 2012 11:00pm EST
to remember but jimmy carter gave billions of dollars to alternate energy products. >> i was waiting in the gas lines. >> to those plans still exist but settled think there lasted. are you familiar with another jimmy carter program he gave money to build five steel mills for went bankrupt almost immediately and the fifth one point* of business from of plant in kansas city. >> to make carter's programs did not work then. i remember reading one or two hours to fill up with gasoline in the dc area. these programs are not working now and are unlikely to work in the future. the government cannot at pick the winning project. and never would have thought to pick the apple iphone 5 people wait in line because the one to buy one. [laughter] not necessarily technology that it is an expensive but what they're willing to spend money. we don't know what it it is. i am sure there are many entrepreneurs who have a better idea than those in washington. >> would you be in favor of a significantly higher gasoline tax with the externalities' as they are referred to with his been polish gen? >> but tho
Nov 30, 2012 12:30pm PST
carter issue of earlier and i'm going to take this quote. it says "soon after jimmy carter installed solar panels on the white house. a generation from now i think this is in the 70's or early 80's the solar heater can be a surcosity, a museum piece, a example of a road not taken, or a small part of one of the greatest adventures under taken by the american people and harness the power of the sun and move away from the crippling dependence on foreign oil, and again at that point we can say that the solar panels were a museum piece. i am hoping cleanpower sf isn't this interesting idea that creeped up and disappeared because of all the misinformation and whatever that certain interests will probably have in seeing this sort of plan not succeed, so again when i was 16 my first venture into politics was through this group called "people for safe energy" in fresno and i was 17 and our first venture was to go to the power plant and protest the fact they wanted to have a nuclear power plant sitting next to an earthquake fault. in japan i think the conversation around nuclear power is sh
Nov 17, 2012 9:15am EST
influence on this. >> chuck bradford. you are cannot hold enough to remember but jimmy carter gave lots of money, billions of dollars to alternate energy projects. >> i do remember. i had to waiting gas lines in the 1970s. >> to any of those plants still exist? i don't think they lasted more than a couple years. secondly are you familiar with another jimmy carter program when he gave money to build five different steel mills four of which went bankrupt almost immediately and the fifth one put out of business the plant in kansas city they blame on things? >> jimmy carter's programs didn't work -- i remember waiting in the 1970s in gas lines for one or two hours to fill up with gasoline in the washington d.c. kerri and just as these programs didn't work then and they are not working now they are unlikely to work in the future. it is just the government is not good at picking winning projects. the government wouldn't have thought of packing the i phone 5 for example. that is expensive but people wait in line because they want to buy one. it is not necessarily technology that is inexpensive
Nov 25, 2012 2:00pm EST
, the jimmy carter gave lots of money, billions of dollars to alternate energy projects. >> i do remember. >> too many of those plants still exist is the question? i don't think they lasted more than a couple years. secondly, are you familiar with another jimmy carter program, where he gave money to five different steel mills, for about engraft immediately on the fifth one put out a plan to kansas city that the blame on being. >> ray. what jimmy carter's programs didn't work then. as i mentioned, i remember waiting in the 1970s to philip gasoline in the washington d.c. area. just as the programs didn't work then and are not working now, they're unlike to work in the future. it's just that the government is not good at picking winning projects. the government wouldn't have thought of picking apple iphone five for example. that is expensive, but people wait in line because they want to buy one. it's not necessarily technology and expensive. is it just know what people want spend money and we don't know what it is. but there's other smart entrepreneurs and i'm sure many in the audience who h
Nov 2, 2012 10:00pm PDT
cannot wait to bash the president on this. >> jimmy carter had gas lines miles long. that's if you could find a station with power and gas. this is america. this is not supposing to this way. >> this is going badly for obama. at first we're all in this together, let's do this, and then people start to get their patience and emotion run very thin. >> we gave the administration 1 trillion-dollar to beef up the infrastructure. if they spent 1 trillion-dollar burying the grid underground so every time there is a 50 mph wind we don't have half the countries losing power. that would have been good use. >> cenk: by the way there was $150 billion for infrastructure in the stimulus bill which the republicans and fox news vehemently objected to. when it's convenient they turn around and say i wish we had a stimulus for infrastructure. our crews are back, mark, ana jayar, right? so does fox have any point here? is there something here, political ramifications. >> it's shameful what they're doing politicsize a disaster like this. yes, maybe there should have been better infrastructure, maybe we shou
FOX Business
Nov 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
of the election. still stayed below 8%. compare today's 7.9% number to 1980 when jimmy carter was running for re-election against ronald reagan. unemployment rate on election day back then? 7.5%. it was lower. we all know jimmy carter lost. so with me now to discuss what today's numbers could mean on tuesday, our economist peter morici and nariman bear verb, chief economist at ihs. welcome back to the show. get your reaction to the number today. nariman, was it a surprise to you? >> not really. we expected decent growth. we actually expected unemployment rate to go up by .1 which it did. this is a little better than we thought it is basically a good report, not a great report is the best way to say it. it was more or less as we expected. melissa: peter you made a great point it would take 349,000 jobs every month for next three years just to get back to 6%. if you want to call at that's report good, i mean a lot of people are, put it in perspective it does, is that right? >> that is c. we've been getting ds for last several months and now we get a "c." it is not a great report considering how mu
Nov 25, 2012 11:00pm PST
. >> it is no secret that president jimmy carter had wanted to make the announcement that the long ordeal had ended himself as one of his last piece of business. >> word came at 6:47 this morning that the final papers had been signed. and the president was jubilant. then for more than four hour it is president and his staff waited and waited. but word of the freedom flight never came from iran. finally the president put aside all thoughts of making the freedom declaration while in office and he met president- elect reagan and moved out of the capital for the inauguration. the hostages left the airport 20 minutes after the inauguration and carter had not learned that they flew out to freedom until his motorcade was arriving into andrews base. there the carter family spent 15 minutes saying their last goodbyes to washington officials. then they boarded the plane to georgia where the president was finally going to make that announcement. >> just a few moments ago on air force one, i had received word officially for the first time that the ano carrierá on the first leg of a journey home. and that ever
Nov 18, 2012 7:30pm PST
recognize the first 10 days of may as asian-pacific heritage week. one year later, president jimmy carter signed into law a joint resolution to officially designate the annual celebration. 11 years later, president george bush extended the weeklong celebration to an entire month. you know and i know that our mothers say that every day is asian pacific american day. i want to recognize all of the milestones the api has made in the state of california and in the entire country. the caucus has a record of 42 members in the asian caucus in congress. one of their very first things we want to say is it was a young man who was the first member -- we want to make note of that. the reestablishment of the white house initiative by president obama was another accomplishment. president obama's cabinets has dr. steven chu. the very first asian-american -- as ambassador to the republic of china. we have a lot of accomplishments. it was not that accident, my friends. everyone of you know that you work hard. all these things are done on purpose. i want to let you know that we also can boast twice as many
Nov 19, 2012 2:00pm PST
to their losers. jimmy carter, walter mondale, mike dukakis, al gore, they all had to skip town to avoid the abuse they faced after losing. democrats try to erase them from history. they shoot their wounded. but watch what the republicans are doing this very minute. they're taking romney apart like vultures on a wounded antelope. want to make your bones as a prospect for 2016? just take a piece out of the guy who went down in 2012. get a piece of romney and wave it in the air until everybody sees it. gingrich, bobby jindal, they're all doing it. howa howard, i have to tell you, this is something like i have never seen before. let's start with these clips from the sunday talk show circuit. republicans ran with mitt romney remarks that the president ran because of giving gifts to minorities and young voters. >> i just think it's nuts. i mean, first of all, it's insulting. this would be like walmart having a bad week and going the customers have really been unruly. i mean, the job of a political leader in part is to understand the people. if we can't offer a better future that is believable to more p
Comedy Central
Nov 6, 2012 2:00pm PST
-conceived foreign policy. every place you look is failure. >> the jimmy carter years look like the good old days compared to where we are right now. >> the president has communicated weakness. >> jon: weakness in foreign policy! obama is weaker than coolidge in foreign policy! weaker than polk! weaker than president flinchington j. craphispants. (laughter) as you know, the only president in united states history who ever had his wallet stolen by a baby. (laughter) you don't hear as much about old president craphispants. (laughter) but given obama's foreign policy record, this debate is going to be a bloodbath. >> i congratulate him on taking out osama bin laden. drones are being used in drone strikes and i support that entirely. and feel the president was right. i want to underscore the same point the president made. i felt the same as the president did. i supported his action there. absolutely the right thing to do to have crippling sanctions. (cheers and applause) >> jon: i think romney's leaning obama! (laughter) apparently romney is one of this year's coveted swing voters. look, how closely
Nov 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
remember when ronald reagan beat jimmy carter. they got 12 senate seats putting the kibosh on liberals. they knew they had to change or die. but it look a dozen years and a bill clinton to actually move them to the center. fast forward to 2012, and it is the gop that must change. reach out to latinos, african-americans, asians. there is two parties. you have the types that really do want smaller government, wer taxes, social issues, et cetera. but you also have the anti-immigrant hard liners and the hank williams and donald trumps of the world who say president obama is a muslim or wasn't really born here. these are the people mitt romney figured he couldn't afford to offend. but then let's be real, how do you expand the gop race. you need to be a welcome when there is a vocal segment of the very same base that doesn't really want those people around and you still need them too. anita. >> thanks, derek. >>> veteran's day is almost here. we have a holiday weekend coming up. and tonight debora has the unlikely love story of two decorated army veterans who proved that sometimes love can b
FOX News
Nov 30, 2012 12:00am PST
jimmy carter was on one one time. if you want to make them interesting i'm sure moynihan should be on one. check it out. put somebody interesting and good on there. another founding father. maybe king george the third. >> maybe william dawes. jay she a real founding father. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with michael moynihan. >>> coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from patti ann browne and gavin mcguinness. and mark lamont hill will be in for bill. time to go back to michael moynihan for the post game wrap up. >> sounds like a good show. >> quickly, bill is partially right. jimmy carter was on the malaysian coin. diane, are you there? >> hello. >> what are you doing on governor huckabee's show? >> it is december 22nd and 23rd, but they wanted me to sing a christmas song. >> excellent. >> stay tuned, everybody. >> that's amazing. charles, where can viewers see you later this very morning? >> on the fox business network with stewart barney. the british man who can say anything wrong because he has the accent.
Nov 14, 2012 11:00pm PST
cast my first vote for jimmy carter in suburban milwaukee. i went to high school and college in wisconsin. we are proud of our tradition, of broad public participation in the vote, chris. wisconsin -- >> and clean elections, too. >> clean elections. wisconsin and minnesota have the two highest rates of participation. that used to be something to proud of as a wisconsin resident. they are mad because they got their butts kicked by a resurgent democratic party in the state, which outorganized them. that's what it's all about. >> you know, teddy white when he wrong making the president in '66, when you have votes in states like wisconsin and minnesota, you can count on the vote being exactly right. let's go back to cynthia. people out there will say matte matthews, and you sign thea hear that dog whistle when it's not even there. maybe, but when you put it all together from sununu's loss of lazy, he belongs in kenya, thee ago. did you hear about the christian right wing guy said mexicans are socialist because it's in their blood because they come from a socialist country. wait a
Nov 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
hands. thank you jimmy carter. the peace treaty between this important country, the nation of israel. but jimmy carter, it turns out, is not only the only live american historical connection to this critically-important relationship that you see diagrammed there. the president of egypt who is shaking hands with the prime minister of israel and sealing this peace treaty between these countries, this president of egypt, the handshake was in march of 1979. two and a half years later, he was assassinated. how did he come to be assassinated? it came from this guy. this guy right now is in prison in the united states in a federal prison complex in north carolina thanks to his role in the first bombing of the world trade center back in the '90s. after he called for the assassination, who made the peace deal with israel, after he was killed who succeeded him? this guy. hosni mubarak who ran it with an iron first for years. and who kept that deal with israel. for all of the chaos and upheaval and injustice and violence and repetitive wars and negotiations and turnover and turmoil, from sodan
Nov 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in politics in 1975 covering jimmy carter, jimmy carter primaries. that's when i first met sam, and i covered the white house fortime magazine in the late 1970's. sam and i were on that campaign together. i went to egypt with carter and sadat. i used to work for "the new york times." jim and i met in 1975, also, covering the bicentennial, election conquered. and we've been friends ever since throughout all the came pains, and i've seen sam over the campaigns. and jeanne livingston has been an associate for many years. >> what's this photograph? >> yes. that's the photograph that sort of symbolizes campaigning today and what the press has to go through. what we're seeing here is a rope line where the advance people for a certain candidate, in this case the dukakis people, try and control the press. that is, their movements, their acksess, where they're to go and not to go. and what had been happening in the dukakis campaign is we would land in an airport. there would be two advance people and there would be a clothe line, and they had like a mobile pin, instead of just a closed off pin, where
FOX News
Nov 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
of this scale. this is an american ambassador. first one killed frankly since jimmy carter was president. three other americans died in the fight. we had all sorts of secret documents there. the whole thing is a total mess. and i think that you -- the congress has an obligation to look into it. by the way, the other big thing they have to look into is the total failure of the department of homeland security to learn the lessons of katrina. you watch the next three or four weeks. everything you are seeing on staten island is the government that barack obama thinks is competent enough to handle your healthcare. this is a really bad situation. because of the presidential campaign it's not getting the attention it should be getting. >> speaker, thank you. >> thank you. >> and wisconsin will matter and vice president candidate paul ryan is about to rally his hometown crowd one more time. can the republican ticket take the badger town? that's next. and what about the evangelical vote? it was a huge vote in '08. is the media underestimating the impact of the evangelicals this year? sarah palin is here
FOX News
Nov 5, 2012 10:00pm PST
did against jimmy carter. to reassure moderates and women that he is a reasonable person, a positive person and somebody they can trust with the presidency. every time he picks a fight he loses. all of us love it, but he loses ground with the group he needs to finish the election off. i think they have done a very discipline, a very solid job of communicating what they need to communicate. meanwhile, people like john mccain have been very tough and very direct. lindsay graham has done a good job. darrell issa. none of us have tried to raise the issues in a very aggressive way. >> are you raising it for -- i mean, are you raising it for political reason to defeat president obama or are you raising it because you think this is a time to talk about it and -- >> i think when you have four americans killed by terrorists and you have an administration that failed to respond in a timely way, then covered up the entire thing, then lied about what caused it, and up to this day is not telling the truth, you have a morale obligation on behalf of the people who died for their country to raise th
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
. by sunday, jimmy carter knew the race was over. if this is a late break, it's a really late break. looking at the polls, romney can do it. the question is, whether the hurricane stopped the momentum for 48 hours and if that will stop him from overtaking the president. >> tom brokaw, you have seen this before, and you have the ultimate political foe of the president giving him such high marks. a republican and a democrat working together, leadership at the highest level, and this has been a problem for the president. >> the president reached across party lines. some of our polling people have been talking to undecided voters out there in colorado and other places, and they saw the president as a leader in a way they had not before, because nothing like a hurricane or national tragedy of this magnitude creates empathy across the country. it's not just confined to connecticut and new jersey and new york. people everywhere can say, that could be me, and how did the president handle himself? i think it did help him and hurt romney by freezing his campaign. but the fact is, this thing has been m
Nov 7, 2012 3:00am PST
democrats in exit polls with since jimmy carter back in '76. >> a gracious mitt romney telling supporters even though the principles they fought for will endure. romney called for unity and insists the nation cannot risk more partisan bickering. >> we'll see if they do it. easy words, but we'll see what happens when the new congress takes office in january, what can actually be done here. but, of course, this is the big headline of the morning. i'll give you a taste of what the newspapers are showing this morning. this is the cover of "the new york times." it simply says, "obama's night," right there at the top of the page. a smiling mr. obama yesterday in one of the campaign offices near his home in chicago. >> and over on the left coast, the "l.a. times" says "obama again. the swing states stealing the second term." a nice little thumbs-up from the president there. >> absolutely. and this one here from "the washington post," a simple headline, which simply says, "obama wins." so you see it right there. they did a bunch of local interviews and asked him, were you really emotional and/or
Nov 15, 2012 3:00pm PST
carter iv. he's an opposition researcher and the grandson of president jimmy carter. thank you both for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> james, first of all, tell us how you got your hands on this tape. >> well, i started looking for it after some of the racially coded language in this campaign, and i came across this quote several times during my research. so i got in touch with the widow of one of the original interviewers, alec limas, and she agreed to give me the tape. >> so james, in the tape, which we've played, you actually have atwater using the n word saying while we can't use that use coded words. so it was really a major strategist saying what we've got to do is we can't use the language we used to use, so we're going to do it this way. and this became a strategy in some of the republican campaigns. we're talking about a man who ran presidential campaigns. we're not talking about some fringe guy here. >> that's right. he was also the chairman of the republican party at one point. >> toure, this is amazing. >> it's really not amazing. you know beef been s
Nov 16, 2012 12:00pm PST
" together. >> and jimmy carter wins in the end. >> stay through the credits because there's carter -- it's interesting. anyway, up next, speaking of movies, toure's pitch for petraeus, the movie. see if there's a jimmy carter cameo in that. there's a tease for you. ♪ if it wasn't for you ♪ don't know what i'd do ♪ i'd have nothing to prove ♪ i'd have nothing to lose [ male announcer ] zales is the diamond store. take an extra 10 percent off storewide, now through sunday. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. that makes tv even better. if your tv were a prom queen, zeebox would be a stretch limo. with this enchanting union, comes a sunroof she can scream from... i'm goin' to prom! [ male announcer ] ...and a driver named bruce that she can re-name james... faster, james! [ male announcer ] ...just 'cause. download zeebox free, and have the night o
Nov 22, 2012 3:30pm EST
elected, he was never even elected vice president. so there you go. jimmy carter, ronald reagan, bill clinton from arkansas and bush from texas. the 2008, it ends with forty-year period. and there were issues that were critical into politics that came out of the sun belt. also, it is on the sun belt and in the south and southwest that we see the lives by the 1970s
Nov 23, 2012 1:15am EST
with jimmy carter when he attended a black-tie dinner at buckingham palace in 1977. but he managed to offend her mother by enthusiastically sing her on the lips. i took a sharp step backward, the queen mother recalled, not quite good enough. she later said that she had not been this that way since the death of her husband of 25 years earlier. the friendship between the royal family and ronald and nancy reagan was the closest of all the american presidents. the reagans had first met prince charles was in california while serving with the real navy in the early 1970s. they had an equally strong relationship with the queen and prince philip, as well as her sister, princess margaret, the queen mother, and her cousin, princess alexandra. they kept an extensive personal correspondence that i was given permission to read at the presidential library out in california, the reagan library. the letters tell a story of infection and thoughtfulness on both sides, over more than three decades. correspondence that continues to this day with nancy reagan. in june of 1982, when the reagans were in europe for
Nov 24, 2012 7:00pm EST
ford, jimmy carter made serious efforts to acheech a, response with castro. quite the opposite what kennedy was doing.y comby has waxed and waned. it's been a different kind of priority over the fifty years e for ten or eleven american g presidents. >> onet theerer reverse side. it did they have good assets in the u.s.? has the castro regime tried to assassinate a u.s. president. >> i continue think that -- don't think that castro had a ai directns demand the assassinatin de plotri against the american t president. mo but i do describe in the book -- some of the most startling information i aimierd one of them particular a detector whofe was the highest level most knowledgeable cuban intelligence officer to defect to the united states. he and told me that he was conve that castro knew and cuban intelligence knew in advance that lee harvey os ward was going to b shoot at jack kennedy that morning in dallas. >> bryan will latell. here is the book castro secret." the cia and cuba's intelligence it unfortunately we ran out ofs time. you have to pick it up and read it for your
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 287 (some duplicates have been removed)